ThermaGelTM – Gel is cool to the touch…

Gel polymer for foam systems was originally developed at PCT in a search for a clean, conductive material to aid with cooling and heat transfer in foam while improving support.  When this gel polymer is added to correctly adapted visco formulations, these improved properties manifest in a stable, gel-infused foam. PCT now offers a selection of gel products that are designed to meet the unique product needs of our customers.

Our gel products are featured prominently in the following product lines:

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Hyper-Conductive Additives

Hyper-Conductive Additives

PCT offers a selection of hyper-conductive additives for in-situ foam infusion, each with over ten thousand times the thermal conductivity of PU foam. These materials dramatically enhance excess heat dissipation while maintaining the durability and support properties inherent to all Peterson foam types.

Hyper-conductive additives can be used in combination with ThermaGel or ThermaPhase Gel products to make highly conductive and supportive hybrid gel foams, providing supreme, long-lasting comfort. These additives have also inspired a group of extremely conductive, surface-modified gel products. Known as hybrid gels, these products maximize sleep comfort by super-charging excess heat dissipation while incorporating the distinctive compressive-conduction and deep compression support of other ThermaGel products.

With the numerous conductive additives and gel types available in the Peterson Thermal Comfort product line, countless possible combinations are available to make innovative, one-of-a-kind products. Here are a few examples of our hybrid gel products which are featured in world-famous brand mattresses:


Graphite GelTM

Graphite Gel™ Download


Ceramic GelTM

Ceramic Gel™ Download

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LumaGelTM Visco

LumaGel™ Visco Download

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Black DiamondTM Visco

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Learn more about our various thermal additives here.

ThermaPhase GelTM

ThermaPhase GelTM – Elevating the Cooling Story to Bidirectional Thermoregulation

ThermaPhase GelTM phase-change microGel technology represents a new, bidirectional thermoregulation of the bedding microclimate. This revolutionary gel-encapsulation process of phase change materials (PCMs) elevates the cooling technology of ThermaGelTM viscoelastic foams to a new level by maintaining the optimal sleep temperature through an infinitely reversible molecular transformation. The superiority of this technology is demonstrated by these unique properties:

  • Has the ability to absorb or liberate large amounts of heat depending on the temperature needs
  • Adapts to the needs of both  hotter and cooler parts of the body
  • Retains flexibility, durability and support of ThermaGelTM visco
  • Maintains the bed microclimate at optimal sleep temperature



ThermaPhase Gel™ Download


CoolTouchTM Surface Infusion Technology

CoolTouchTM is an exciting new product in the marketplace which concentrates an extremely cool gel into a breathable layer on the foam surface.  The surface infusion gel dramatically improves the heat capacity and conductivity of the foam substrate while maintaining air flow and moisture transmission.  It is an excellent tool to enhance the thermal properties of any foam without adding excessive weight as it concentrates the clean, odor-free, cooling material at the contact surface.
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It is also a very easily customizable technology, available in an array of colors and patterns, which serves as an excellent carrier of a wide range of Peterson cooling additives, including PCM, ceramic, graphite and other thermal modifiers. This liquid gel can be applied via spray or roll-coating at various thicknesses, making it suitable for mattresses, toppers, pillows, contour cut and convoluted parts, along with various other specialty applications