PCT offers a collection of unique polyols that have revolutionized the PU foam market with a innovative open-cell polymer design.  PCT polyols are designed to produce a wide range of specialty foam products with stable processing and very consistent physical properties.

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Thermal Additives

Thermal Comfort Additives

PCT offers a variety of innovative additives that enhance the thermal conductivity and heat capacity of any foam proportional to the amount of loading.  The gel polymer, originally developed by PCT, is a clean, conductive material that significantly improves the thermal and support properties of PU foam, providing durable comfort and a variable pressure response.  We offer a wide assortment of high-purity gel products as well as hyper-conductive additives to meet our clients’ specific needs for any given application. All Peterson additives are high purity, safe, and easy to process. The newest addition to our gel family is the surface infusion gel, which creates a breathable layer of extremely cool gel on any foam surface.

Gel Comfort Products

Thermal Additives

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Processing Additives

Processing Additives

PCT has engineered a number of PU foam additives specifically designed to improve foam processing stability, physical properties, and performance characteristics. Examples include anti-static additives, low index stabilizers, HR stabilizers, UV stabilizers, odor control and masking agents, catalysts and surfactants.

Processing Additives


Molded Systems

Molded Systems

PCT offers several products for molded foam applications, including complete B-side systems for easy molded pillow manufacturing and stabilizing additives to be used in combination with our SP-7600 polyol to produce molded visco pillows. We are now offering specially designed catalysts and mold release product, as well as new improved systems specifically designed to rapidly produce low density and odor-free pillows.

Molding Products



Other Technologies

Peterson Chemical Technology develops new technology and applications for the polyurethane foam industry, with an emphasis on viscoelastic foam for bedding and top-of-bed applications.  We provide our customers with unique and innovative solutions that open new opportunities in the marketplace.

Here are some of PCT’s most exciting technologies found in the industry today:

packaging_viscoPackaging Viscoelastic Foam:

PCT’s open-cell viscoelastic foam technology has great versatility in hardness (IFD), density, and Glass Transition Temperature (Tg), making it ideally suited for many diverse packaging applications.

memory_foamMemory Gel:

PCT offers a two-component liquid gel for coatings and 3D parts, which is adaptable to a wide range of recovery rates (memories), hardnesses, colors and textures. This material has outstanding energy absorption, making it valuable in applications such as sports safety cushions, pressure management systems, medical positioners, and toys. Memory gel is also thermally conductive, a property which can be enhanced by the incorporation of any of PCT’s cooling technologies such as PCM, ceramic material, and graphite particles.


other_applicationsOther Applications Development:

PCT works closely with customers to develop applications for our products. We aim to provide novel product solutions to help our customers grow their businesses, guiding our applications development work to best serve their market interests. Our largest area of emphasis is in bedding, but the versatility of our technology has generated a broad range of new products in markets such as apparel, sports, transportation, furniture, and high-end packaging.