CoolFlowTM – Open-Cell Viscoelastic Foam

PCT revolutionized the PU flexible foam marketplace by developing a novel open-cell polymer design for viscoelastic foam. This new CoolFlowTM technology is widely used by the leading bedding manufacturers around the world due to its numerous superior properties:Coolflow Foam Example

  • Dramatically enhanced air flow
  • Superior heat and moisture dissipation
  • Improved pressure distribution
  • Outstanding static and dynamic fatigue properties
  • Pure and virtually odorless nature
  • Compatible with TDI, MDI, and blended isocyanates
  • Greater control of physical attributes (cell size, Tg,  recovery rate, strength,   durability, etc.) independent of target density and hardness

PCT can supply the chemicals and guidance necessary to produce high-quality open-cell viscoelastic foam at a wide range of density and firmness grades.


EnergexTM – Comfort with a Bounce

EnergexTM is a highly adaptive, durable and breathable foam, which is specifically designed to energize in response to body heat to provide a livelier alternative to the slow-recovery CoolFlowTM technology. EnergexTM bridges the gap between latex and memory foam by combining the superior pressure mapping of visco with the energetic feel of latex.

It is ideally suited in bedding as a transition layer between the surface comprised of memory foam and the base layer, creating a support gradient that provides an ideal interface for unparalleled pressure relief and pressure mapping in sleep systems.


OmniTempTM – Comfort for Every Season

OmniTemp 4 Seasons v1.1

OmniTemp™ is the next generation of Peterson viscoelastic and Energex™ foams, designed to have a distinctly luxurious feel while maintaining the high performance and durability inherent to all Peterson foam types. OmniTemp™ is formulated to have an exceptionally low Glass Transition Temperature (Tg), which results in high pressure-relieving capability across an extended range of extremely low temperatures. For this reason, OmniTemp™ foam will never stiffen in a cool bedroom and some grades can be used even at below freezing temperatures. OmniTemp™ foams outperform other bedding foams in nearly all categories, including breathability, moisture dissipation, low temperature performance, and dynamic thermal conductivity. Due to this low responsiveness to temperature and relative humidity conditions, OmniTemp™ foams feel consistent and comfortable in all regions, seasons, and weather conditions.


ThermaGelTM – The First Binary Polymer System for Memory Foam

PCT was the pioneer in binary systems for memory foam with the introduction of our innovative ThermaGelTM gel-infusion technology in 2009, which combines the form-fitting support of gel with the comfort and pressure relief of memory foam. This innovative technology created global excitement in the bedding industry due to gel’s unique properties:thermagel_round

  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • High heat capacity that removes excess body heat
  • Incredible variable support characteristics
  • Clean and odorless nature
  • Added pressure response at deep compression areas
  • Wide temperature performance range

From that initial breakthrough, we have developed and launched several new types of gel products, as well as several hyper-conductive additives and hybrid gel products for in-situ foam infusion. Learn more about our thermoregulatory additives.


Foam Testing

Foam Testing Equipment and Procedures

Peterson Chemicals laboratories are outfitted with unique equipment designed for the development and testing of foam products, chemicals, and additives. These laboratory facilities are used for chemical analysis, foam testing, hand-mixing, material science, and applications development. Several new types of test equipment and procedures have been developed to evaluate the unique properties and performance of viscoelastic foam.

This process of testing our foams has been an integral part of the development of new technologies in conjunction with customer needs. Throughout this process, we have continued to work side by side with our customers by designing and constructing specialized equipment for the manufacturing of these products. This level of collaboration throughout the entire development process allows initial ideas for meeting market demand to become viable realities.